The artist now-formerly known as Flite says he is “relinquishing my name to better give [DJ Flight] the space to be celebrated for her identity and accomplishments.”

Over the weekend, the Flite versus DJ Flight situation hit a fever pitch. With both Flite and DJ Flight (and their respective friends, fans and associates) having spoken their mind, with Flite opening up a little bit (and Mantra deleting the initial tweet that started all of this) after the dust started to settle.

Earlier today, Flite (real name Justin Hellier) has not only noticeably changed his Twitter name to “Justin f.k.a. Flite”, but he’s also released a statement that touches on his inspiration for the name, as well as his feelings about this situation with Flight.

“I have spent my entire adult life as Flite,” Justin begins. “It’s a name I identify with to my core. A long time ago, when I felt so certain that music was all I ever wanted with my life, I chose this name to become what I believed. I had never been so sure of myself. However, as time has passed and I have become more aware of its effects within the Drum & Bass community, it is clear to me that it needs to change.”

“My impression of our coexistence was incorrect”

Justin goes on to call DJ Flight “one of the founding figures of this scene,” and further stating that “by using this name, my name collision has caused her undeserved grief and disrespect. My impression of our coexistence was incorrect, and to be the person I wish to always represent, it is my intention to give DJ Flight the space which she deserves. I have always been on the side of progress, inclusion, and love over all; because of this, I am relinquishing my name to better give her the space to be celebrated for her identity and accomplishments.”

Justin ends the statement by thanking those who have supported, and essentially says watch this space. Oh, and for those of you who think he might just be calling himself “Justin”?

At the time of this writing, there’s no word on if Flight has seen this, if Flite and Flight have spoken and hashed things out, or what, if anything, will come of this between the two of them. Maybe that’s for the best.

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