Make a list of classic jungle tunes. Does it include Levitcus’ “The Burial”? No? Ball up that list and throw it in the trash, then. That “big, bad and heavy” line is a staple of Jumpin Jack Frost’s career thus far, so it’s dope that he gifted the lost Amen Mix of “Burial” to the junglist massive.

A little history…

“The Burial” by Leviticus (aka Jumpin Jack Frost) hit the streets in 1994 via Philly Blunt, but was re-released by FFRR in 1995 with remixes from Ray Keith and ::checks Discogs:: a combination of Dillinja, DJ Krust, and Roni Size. Ho-ly shit. It was one of those tunes that you found on any drum & bass/jungle compilation for a time, primarily for the two big samples in it. It’s a thing of beauty, honestly; two classic sounds, thrown together in the name of jungle, and revered for years down the line. With a number of versions and remixes of this tune, you can’t front on what Logistics did to it back in 2006; pure next level anthem status.

Backstory out of the way, Frost didn’t explain why he gave away what he called the “lost” Amen Mix of “Burial”. On Twitter, Frost explained that the DAT for this version was lost—hence why this Amen Mix never saw the light of day. You can tell when immediately when you press play; this file has some distortion in that intro. Lethal amen business, by the way.

True heads have been hearing this version from select DJs on dubplate for the last 25(!!) years; being able to own a (distorted but dope) copy of this piece of jungle history is worth a little distortion.

Want to learn more about Jumpin Jack Frost? First, you should know that he’s working on new music; this tune “Mrs. Jones” featuring Lorna King on the vocals has had me going bananas for a bit.

Jumpin Jack Frost is also heading up Mi-Soul’s dnb show alongside DJ Bailey, and even dropped a book—appropriately called Big, Bad and Heavyback in 2017. There’s even a (mini-)documentary on his legacy.