Did DJ Trace create techstep? It sho ’nuff feels like the game shifted when “Mutant Revisited” hit the scene, nahmean?

As a producer, he was a part of No U-Turn’s seminal Torque compilation, and introduced the tramen to the arsenal of producers worldwide, as well as gifting the world with cuts like “Move VIP”. As a labelhead, he ran DSCI4, which helped nurture the next phase of neurofunk producers. Now, he’s rediscovering the sound he helped make a scene via his Rollers Instinct mix series.

Fun fact: Rollers Instinct was the production moniker of Trace and No U-Turn head Nico; they also released material as Skyscraper, including the captivating “Liberty 1”, which was the flipside to Trace’s “Mutant Revisited” vinyl release on Emotif back in 1996. If you get lost in that one, you’re welcome.

With this mix series (alongside releases like this intriguing 12″ on Tempo from earlier this year), Trace reclaims the last two decades. The tunes, which we never get IDs for, are everything from techier floor stompers to more meditative—dare I say “intelligent”—drum & bass mantras. Trace is here for everything, and based on cuts like “Apocalypse”, one has to imagine what a FULL LENGTH TRACE ALBUM would sound like.

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Bonus Beats DJ Trace – Rollers Instinct #1

Bonus Beats DJ Trace – Rollers Instinct #2