The Burner Brothers’ new single “Live Again” is a surprising halftime anthem

One of these days, we’re going to have to have a real conversation about The Burner Brothers. DJ Seen and and CT Burners have been in the game for 20+ years, and are only just now set to drop their debut album, One for the Road, on February 12, 2021. Until then, The Burner Brothers are here to show their versatility with “Live Again”, the ill-esha-assisted first single from the album.

I just realized something: I met all of these cats who created “Live Again” from the old AOL “rave” chatrooms. I remember ill-esha being a whole rapper and getting into beatmaking; she’s since turned into a tour-de-force, blending her immaculate vocals with amazing productions. The Burner Brothers’ own Seen especially has been someone I’ve talked jungle with for over two decades. With the three of them vibing in North America, it’d make sense that they’d run into each other. Who knew that they’d churn out something as awesome as “Live Again”!

The Burner Brothers’ “Live Again” is a huge statement to make for the first offering from the project. ill-esha is multi-talented, and her voice fits perfect in what the Burner Brothers said was “a sixteen bar idea” and turned it into this masterpiece. Who knew they had these kinds of halftime bangers in the chamber?!?! Almost wish the world was open right now (almost!), as this is made for warmer weather locations, hands in air, eyes closed. Pure ecstasy on this one.

Now that’s not to say that One for the Road doesn’t find The Burner Brothers going hammertime with the dirty drum & bass. Then again, I don’t get paid to reveal everything I know ahead of schedule. Like I said, one of these days, we’re going to have a conversation about The Burner Brothers. Just not today. Rock the “Live Again” video up above, cop the tune, and keep it locked. Trust. #HRD