The drum & bass scene has lost a true legend.

The first time I saw MC Skibadee was at my first dnb massive, Sutpen’s Jungle in Feb. 2000 at the Electric Factory in Philly. We got there when things were already in full swing, and after a bunch of tomfoolery that I don’t need to get into right now, I was in the middle of this venue, dolo, experiencing my first real dnb event. DJ SS was on the decks, and two MCs were commanding the stage: the hulking MC Foxy and the quick-tongued slim MC Skibadee. I remember hearing them do a “the roof is on fire” routine and smiling, but actually being a few feet away as they moved in tandem, ripping through lyrics over what sounded like the future coming through the speakers? It’s one of the greatest moments of my life, and one that truly helped shape the next two decades of my life. I bring all of that up to say that hearing of Skibadee passing away at 47 is gonna sit with me for a while.

While details are scarce, I’d seen a few posts on social media with no real details, but clear broken hearts over the passing of one of the more definitive MCs in the scene. His official Facebook page had the following message posted on Sunday: “Hello everyone, as Alphonsos first born i unfortunately come some with sad news to say that skibadee has passed away, as a family we ask for some privacy but may he rest in peace.”

Soon enough, the dnb scene hit the timeline to make sure that everyone understands why losing a man that Plastician called “your favourite MC’s favourite MC’s favourite MC.” That’s not hyperbole; who know where the MC game would be if Skiba didn’t go as ham as he did over the last almost three decades. Like, who else could vocal Dillinja’s “Twist ‘Em Out”?!?

Rest in peace, Skibadee. Your contributions to the scene will never be forgotten. Our condolences and prayers go out to Skiba’s family. Respect their privacy and RINSE EVERY THING SKIBA, including the recently released “Finally” from Skiba’s SaSaSaS alongside Zdot.