Dillinja “Hard Noize (Break Remix)”

One thing I purposefully didn’t mention in my long-winded, nonsensical introduction to whatever this drum & bass-soundtracked slice of the internet is was Break’s recently-released, long-anticipated remix of Dillinja‘s “Hard Noize”, this time on Valve Recordings. I’m not sure why the release isn’t an official one on Test Recordings like the OG, but who am I to question a beat Jedi and dnb pioneer like Dillinja on the imprints in which he releases material?

Is there a way to find out how when you first heard about, well, anything, but especially drum & bass releases? It feels like it’s been forever since the first rumblings of Break—who runs Symmetry Recordings, was one of the few releasing material on Nico’s legendary No U-Turn during its last run, and is all-around one of the best doing it right now—remixing one of Dillinja’s seminal tunes. According to this post on Dogs On Acid, the DOA massive had been speaking on Break’s “Hard Noize” remix since September of 2016. The actual remix? Sure, it BANGS, but it’s Break remixing “Hard Noize”. There’s no real way he’d fuck (yes, we are letting dirty words fly when we feel the need) up this opportunity.

Was it necessary to mention this, what many might consider to be one of 2020’s biggest and best dnb remixes, in an introductory post to a site named after the song it remixed? No, but it would’ve been fly, especially if I was trying to wax nostalgic on some “past, present, and future” type shit. The thing is, this isn’t that kind of site, and that won’t be those kinds of posts…unless I want them to be. If COVID-19 hadn’t have mucked up everyone’s plans for 2020, we’d be seeing Break’s “Hard Noize” remix dusting the floors, easily. We’re here now, though. We can only skank in our bedrooms.

What are some of your favorite dnb tunes of 2020? We’re trying to see something. Shoot me an email—[email protected]—subject “Best dnb of 2020 (so far)”. Be sure to include links to stream said tune(s), with any pertinent info.