When RAM described Skantia’s new single “Jubilant” as “a more upbeat delivery,” I was confused. I’d be clicking the play button anyways—Skantia had a stellar 2019, but his 2020 has been much more impressive, primarily due to massive releases like “Power Line” and “Bones” (a personal favorite). But “upbeat”? I wasn’t sure I was ready for whatever that meant, but then again when have I ever been ready for a Skantia tune?

Upbeat is definitely true when describing “Jubilant”; there’s a vibrant melody driving this one, and in place of the lurching basslines and sparse drums, we get more of a tech-y flex from Skantia. It’s certainly motivating (although there is some of that quirky darkness hitting the bass at odd times, in pure Skantia fashion). All-in-all, it’s a single that shows Skantia is more than a one-(awesomely massive) trick-pony.

You can stream “Jubilant” in full up above, and grab it via RAM, Beatport or Juno.

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