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I won’t say that I have a vested interest in whether Winslow, the St. Louis, Missouri-born producer who’s catching a lot of buzz in the dnb community. I will say that it’s great to see Winslow in the drum & bass scene right now.

Winslow, who told UKF earlier this month that he’s been producing since 2013, has been getting his weight up this year. His tune “Dissonance” as featured on the HEADSBASS VOLUME 1 compilation, and this week, new Winslow has been announced for CODE Recordings.

“Better Late Than Never”, the first glimpse of Winslow’s forthcoming Home Alone EP, is a slick one. After establishing a firm sub-heavy groove, Winslow then let’s the pitched-and-edited diva vocals fly at will. It’s a captivating, emotional number. When the double bass hits? Next level.

Currently, there is no release information for Winslow’s Home Alone EP. You can stream TF out of “Better Late Than Never” up above, though.

Bonus Beats Back in 2019, Winslow dropped a mix featuring nothing but his original production. If you want to get to know the emerging name, here’s your best introduction.


  1. Winslow – Orange You Glad
  2. Winslow – Switchback Funk
  3. Winslow – Home Alone
  4. Winslow – Stay In Your Lane
  5. Winslow – Spector Detector
  6. Winslow – Hex Breaker [Available on Bandcamp]
  7. Winslow – Errors Within Introspection [LEDGE SOUNDS]
  8. Winslow – Ants In My Pants [Patreon Exclusive]
  9. Winslow – Can I Get A Witness

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