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Prototype Recordings

Nick the Lot’s got a hot one on his hands

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? A little over a week ago, we kicked off Spotlight Saturdays with a look at the music of Nick the Lot. While talking about Controlled Opposition recently, we mentioned we’d get to the squelchier side of the current dnb scene. Last stop; were officially here. But first, press play.

Nick the Lot’s “Extra Clips”—which appears to be the title track of his forthcoming Prototype Recordings EP—has been riding the dubplate circuit since October of 2019, at least. The tune’s most recent appearance was from the latest edition of Noisia Radio; “this is taking distortion to new levels” is how the track was described, and that feels like one of the best ways of describing whatever this burgeoning sound in the drum & bass scene is to be called.

Ed note: In a time of COIVD-19, have Noisia done any reconsideration on their plan to disband at the end of 2020?

“He’s dangerous.”

That quote comes from a special Fabio & Grooverider Rinse FM special from 2019. Grooverider mentions that Twisted Individual showcased Nick’s tunes to him, and implores the dnb community to not sleep on him. Then he drops “Extra Clips,” with a sinister, ultra-distorted bassline wrapping around a quick snippet of [REDACTED] lyrics, all weaving themselves around the hardest of steps.

“Extra Clips” is a beaut, especially for the folks who can’t wait for the cooler temperatures so they can throw on a hoodie and skank out to this modern madness on the dancefloor. Whenever the hell that will be safe to do again.

No word on when Nick the Lot’s Extra Clips EP hits the streets; Groove has been saying it’s been “forthcoming on Prototype” since last year. Judging by the Noisia co-sign, it should only be a matter of time.

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