Ed Rush and Audio return with new Killbox banger

What in the ever-loving lava flow is this new cut from Ed Rush and Audio’s Killbox project? As always, leave it to RAM to allow this kind of insanity to be ushered into the front of your favorite DJ’s boxes.

Separately, the members of Killbox have helped destroy bassbins the world over. Ed Rush needs no introduction—he was an original Metalhead, friends with Nico, and helped craft the neurofunk scene with Optical. Audio may have best been known as part of Resonant Evil, but came into his own as a solo producer, reveling in the darker side of drum & bass.

Looking to be as upfront as possible, Killbox have nailed the moody funk that’ll transport us from the hell on Earth we’ve survived in 2020 with “Mutiny”. At least for four-and-a-half minutes.