Need For Mirrors “Gabriel” Bootleg Mix

The long-awaited bootleg finally sees the light of day

Chicago’s Roy Davis Jr. made a tune, “Gabriel”, back in 1996 that spawned a “live garage version” that will change your life. It also spawned this bootleg mix from Need For Mirrors, which in its own way maintains that life-changing vibe.

Need For Mirrors could be one of the more prolific drum & bass producers out there. Who but Ray Keith and Current Value could argue that they release as much material every year? Need For Mirrors might even trump all competition, considering the caliber of labels (V Recordings, Commercial Suicide, Spearhead Records, ProgRAM) signing up Need For Mirrors material.

This take on “Gabriel”, with the sax in-tact and sneaky sub bass, should soundtrack your socially-distant dinner for two on the patio.

But wait, someone said there’s another bootleg out there?

Need For Mirrors’ “Gabriel” bootleg has been knocking about on dub for a bit. At least since May of 2019, when Bryan Gee played it on the V Recordings Podcast. At the time, Bryan laughed, saying that there were two versions of the tune out that he was sent. Getting a free Need For Mirrors bootleg out of nowhere is amazing, but now we’re intrigued. What’s the other “Gabriel” bootleg sound like?

And will Soul:Motion ever give away this gorgeous “Gabriel” bootleg?