Loxy & Ink (Twitter)

The dynamic duo returns for another one

This post wasn’t originally going to be about Loxy & Ink’s “Gurner”. Originally, I was going to highlight Loxy’s Killmonger Rollers Edition Mix, but I’d then seen that the Black Junglist Alliance‘s tune series debuted this week with a big bit from RAM resident Chords. Day 2 belonged to “Gurner”.

For the uninitiated, Loxy & Ink are two junglist souljahs who have continued to chart the course for the next chapter in the scene. Many of my early favorites from the Renegade Hardware archives were tunes from Loxy & Ink. It’s actually crazy to think that their Quasimodo EP turned 20 this year.

“Gurner” isn’t on that vibe, but it’s dope to hear that their love and appreciation for the hip-hop aesthetic is ever-present in their material today. “Gurner” packs a weighty punch, with a funky bass underscoring the vocal snippets and hypnotic melody atop. Something for the mellow b-boys out there.

As of right now, BJATV looks like it will be updating material on a consistent basis (they also have a form to submit artists through). There’s not much in the way of information—are these dubs that artists have submitted to be released? Are they signed for release at some point in the future? Will the BJA be sorting out a Bandcamp? Hopefully we get word on if/when Loxy & Ink will be dropping this beast.

It’s early, and the BJA has time. With tunes like “Gurner” from Loxy and Ink? The BJA is good to go!