Chris Inperspective
Chris Inperspective

Seeing Inperspective Records head and Technicality founder Chris Inperspective getting the shine he deserves has been a treat. He’s had to fight for it, but watching Chris INP work in 2020 makes you realize the importance of staying the course. Seeing him work at The Lab LDN in his latest set was just as inspiring. Hell, the last time we mentioned Chris Inperspective, it was regarding him calling out Hospital Records.

The Black Junglist Alliance forms

Following that, whispers of some Black Junglist Alliance group on Facebook forming were passed along. Lo and behold, it existed. Like-minded junglists now had a place where they could figure out how to properly highlight the influence of Black creatives in the jungle and drum & bass scenes (and the industry as a whole). On August 1st, the Black Junglist Alliance (with Chris Inperspective at the helm) officially announced their community portal and the formation of BJATV, which will put the spotlight on labels and producers who work within the dnb scene.

Let’s celebrate

With the future of what the Black Junglist Alliance can do for the dnb community as a whole for the future to hold, it was time for Chris Inperspective to celebrate the BJA formation in the best way how: sliding over to The Lab LDN with Mixmag for a set of jazzy, experimental, future beats with Mr. Porter alongside for the ride.

For those not up on the Inperspective sound, or know about those legendary Technicality nights, you’re in for a treat. This set includes a heaping helping of breakbeat science from label stand-outs like Lynch Kingsley and Phuture T, among others.

If you still want to hear more of this side of drum & bass, dig into Chris Inperspective’s Dragons in the World EP from June of 2019.

Bonus Beats Can’t keep mentioning Technicality without giving you a massive dose of what went goes down there. These live recordings feature everyone from Bailey to Loxy touching down at the event, circa 2003-2005.