Mando ‘Night Lanterns’

Dom & Roland releases long-awaited debut album from Mando, Night Lanterns

No, I’m not going to front like I know who Mando is, nor was I aware of his album, Night Lanterns, aside from it being a name I’d never seen associated with Dom & Roland. I’m honestly not sure anyone knows who Mando is. Nor am I concerned with really investigating right now. The music from what is apparently his long-awaited debut album (which is out now on Dom & Roland Productions) is just that damn fierce. Not Fierce, but close.

No, but forreal, who is Mando?

There’s only so much information one can glean from the description over on the Dom & Roland Productions Bandcamp. According to Dom, Mando apparently had the studio space at No U-Turn that eventually became Ed Rush & Optical‘s spot. He’d apparently also been working on this album over 20 years ago, but never listened to or finished any of the material there. Dom also said that Mando “has an amazing ability to create sick grooves”—which is definitely facts when you listen to standouts like “Escapades”—and that Mando’s “style is raw and refreshing…not over produced like a lot of modern music.”

Dom calls Mando his “best mate,” and it looks like they’ve been cool with each other for over 25 years. You can hear their kinship in the beats; if you didn’t get the Dom you were looking for on his last album, those more hypnotic, frantic ’90s neurofunk vibes are all over Night Lanterns. Press play and really soak into this one.

[Ed note If you’re digging this, buy the damn album. Dom’s looking at this releasee as a test—can people put their money where their mouths are when it comes to quality? With the album coming out on August 7th, Dom says he wants to give it a two-week window to see where people’s heads are at. Trust me, Mando’s Night Lanterns is amazing, but on the real, cop it so we can get more dope material like this, from Dom no-less! Be on the right side of history, take a chance on a co-sign, and discover your new favorite album.]