Fabio & Grooverider, Rinse FM (3rd August 2020)
(Rinse FM)

One month after their 24-hour live stream, Fabio & Grooverider return to Rinse FM

Recently, we looked back some 20+ years at the beauty of (Fabio &) Grooverider on BBC Radio 1. The piece randomly ends on this very mix, with the hope that collective “we” can “bring back more of this energy.” It looks like Fabio & Grooverider brought that vision to their latest Rinse FM session.

Grooverider & Fabio (Image via Chelone Wolf)

The Charitable Godfathers

Fabio & Grooverider must love hitting Rinse FM. On July 4, 2020, the decades-old duo took to Rinse FM for a massive 24-hour live stream, Godfathers 24. Their charitable livestream (with donations going to the Sickle Cell Society & Food For All UK) had appearances from Goldie, DJ Zinc, Benji B, and more.

Fabio & Grooverider present Godfathers 24.

The seasoned veterans clearly couldn’t get enough of Rinse FM. Fabio & Grooveridr’s two-hour set for Rinse barely features their voices. This is just a straight-forward selection of tunes that we’d guess were sitting fairly close to the front of their current crates. Fabio and Grooverider play their roles, dropping some of the more soulful side of the scene and some of the crunchier, more dancefloor-focused tunes as well.

Fabio & Grooverider on Rinse FM (03 August 2020)

No, there’s no tracklist for this. We’d love to discuss which producers we think produced which tunes, or which tracks Grooverider drew from Nick the Lot’s forthcoming Extra Clips EP. Who produced those double bass ditties in this, Fabio? There are a lot of gems in here; if you know any of these IDs or unidentified tunes in the mix, drop a timestamp and info in the comments below or hit us up (@hardnoizednb) on Twitter. If you hurry, you can download this mix via Rinse FM Podcasts.

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