Lemon D’s long-awaited dub “Wu Tang” finally sees a release

It has been a while since we’ve heard something from Lemon D. It’s great that his previously-unreleased dubplate, “Wu Tang”, is finally seeing the light of day.

Return of the king

Lemon D (real name: Kevin King) has been around—it feels like ages since he dropped Future Primitives under his K-aze alias over on DJ Die‘s Gutterfunk imprint. [Ed note That came out in 2014.] Feels like it was even longer ago that I spoke with Lemon D about said K-aze project. [Ed note That was in 2011, for DOA.] Either way, it feels like it’s been forever since we got the opportunity to buy Lemon D material that was previously never out. Enter the “Wu Tang”.

The one and only Bryan Gee announced that a Lemon D dubplate from 1995(!) would be hitting V Recordings as the second release in their “Legends” series. [Ed note The first “Legends” release featured two cuts from the vault of the mighty Krust. “Pentacle” is the jam. There’s also more where those came from.]

Back to the essence

In a series of tweets, Bryan let the world hear a tune that Serum called one of his favorite unreleased gems from this particular era. You know the V sound from the mid-’90s, especially from Lemon D; that “I Can’t Stop” / “Change” 12″ was everything.

Lemon D’s “Wu Tang” comes correct with this jungle workout. It’s heavy with samples that fans of the RZA should be very familiar with. And with word of the single including the 1995 version and the “Lost Dub Mix” of the tune, which was made “in early 2000” (according to Bryan) for Dillinja and Lemon D’s Valve Sound System tours, this is a must-cop for and Lemon D fan.

Kind of feels like how when Lemon D Souljah dropped “Fade 2 Black” in 1998 only to then rinse out his own tune, call it “That Amen Trk !!”, and drop it on Valve in 2000. If the “Lost Dub Mix” of “Wu Tang’ turns out to be anything like “That Amen Trk !!” upon full listen, this 12″ might save 2020.

V Recordings’ “Legends” release of Lemon D’s “Wu Tang” is available for pre-order. At the time of this writing, estimated delivery date is Friday August 14th. You have from now until then to dream about owning this record.


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