Toronto’s own bass brutalizer NC-17 drops Fall 2020 Studio Mix

Back when I was running the content side of Dogs On Acid, Peter NC-17 was someone I fell into a fast friendship with. The Toronto, Canada-based producer/DJ/labelhead had just went from being a duo to just being him, and no disrespect, but it feels like it may have been better for the project entirely, as perfectly showcased in NC-17’s Fall 2020 Studio Mix, which is 100% NC-17 original material.

Since 2007, NC-17 has dropped material on a plethora of labels (Ram, Dispatch, Viper, Playaz, DSCI4), as well establishing Grindhou5e Audio, which recently started its own Patreon. No matter the payment option, you’re getting four Grindhou5e dubs a month, but with higher tiers, you’re given unreleased dubplates, re-mastered tunes, exclusive VIPs, and sample packs, among other perks. Many of those sounds must be in his Fall 2020 Studio Mix, though.

A Ginsu-sharp Grindhou5e gorefest

For those who aren’t up on what “NC-17” means, know that it’s an homage to the “Not suitable for children under 17” rating from the MPA. NC-17 (the producer, no t the film rating) is a huge film buff—especially horror, hence the name of his imprint—and those vibes (titles like “Event Horizon,” “Killing Joke,” and “Excellent Day of an Exorcism” should make that obvious). It’s also all about the intense sound and presentation of the mix. Keep it locked on NC-17’s razor sharp precision in the mix; he’s up there with the best. There’s an energy when NC-17 touches down that many DJs can’t touch.

Hopefully you were already up on the drum & bass mayhem that NC-17 has been cooking up. The majority of the tunes (tracklist below) are NC-17 bits forthcoming on Ram, Dispatch, Bad Taste, Mac 2, and many more spots, with some unidentified cuts floating about. If not, a) where have you been? B2B b) maybe you should press play, keep a light on, and get ready for the (rinsed out) ride of your life!


NC-17 & Dauntless – So Far So Good So What! (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 – Slimeville “Break & DLR RMX” (Symmetry)
NC-17 – ?????? (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 – Wheel House (CIA Dub)
NC-17 – ????? (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 – Event Horizon (Machinist Music Dub)
NC-17 & Kumarachi – ????? (????)
NC-17 – Enter the Void (Bad Taste Dub)
NC-17 – Holy Diver (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 – Dio (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 & Hybrid – Killing Joke (Grindhouse Dub)
NC-17 – Surveillance (Program Dub)
NC-17 – ????? (?????)
NC-17 – Stranger Than Fiction (Ram Records)
NC-17 – Steppa Ft.Cutty Ranks (????)
NC-17,Legion & Logam – Trippin (Playaz)
NC-17 – Phobia Riddim (Ram Dub)
NC-17 – Excellent Day of an Exorcism (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 – Lord of Illusions (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 – Galaxy (Machinist Dub)
NC-17 – Slumpin Ft.Dunk (Ram Dub)
NC-17 – Among Monsters (Program)
NC-17 & OB1 – Deep Red “Myth RMX” (Rebel Dub)
NC-17 – History of Violence (Program)
NC-17 – Cemetery of Splendor (Boomslang)
NC-17 & Replicant – Muck (Ram Dub)
NC-17 – Villain Club (Dread Dub)
NC-17 – Ricochet (Mac 2 Dub)
NC-17 & Symbiant – Everything Bloodclot (Mac 2 Dub)
NC-17 – Clockers Ft.Jinx (Boomslang)
NC-17 – Once a Thief (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 & Kumarachi – ?????? ( ???)
NC-17 – The Prophecy (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 & Dunk – Dead is Better (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 – Beyond the Black Rainbow (Dispatch Dub)
NC-17 – Slug Path (DSIC4)

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