Philly turntable wizard Dirty South Joe brings the neurofunk

You ever ask a question and immediately felt dumb? That happened to me earlier this month. While randomly tweeting during the great dnb catch-up of October 2020, the one and only Dirty South Joe hit me out of nowhere with a link to his new Sedition mix.

Why did I feel dumb? Well, at first, I assumed Joe—who we covered so extensively over on DoAndroidsDance? that he was the one who spun DAD’s 100th mix—was just being a good homie and sharing his new set without realizing that my thread was dnb-specific. I click the Mixcloud, pressed play, and realized DIRTY SOUTH JOE SPUN A WHOLE ASS DNB SET ON THE LOW. For all I’ve known of Joe, I wasn’t up on how up he was on the drum & bass scene, until now. Which is dumb, because he’s a sponge with sounds (he’s one of the architects of the Luvstep movement), and has a knack for understanding the journey and selecting the choicest cuts. He’s a real connoisseur of fine sounds.

That’s why I felt dumb. But being that Philly is the city where I was first able to start hearing drum & bass in a club setting, it’d make sense that Dirty South Joe, who’s finger has been on the pulse of everything from the Baltimore, Philly, and Jersey club movements to putting his stamp on the dubstep and trap scenes. It’d make sense that D$J would also be in those same drum & bass record pools, soaking in the bass. What an idiot I am!

So what’s in the mix?

On this mix for Sedition, Dirty South Joe keeps it neuro. We’re talking “opening a set with two IMANU tunes” neuro. There’s a lot going on—we’re getting selections from Mob Tactics, Audio, Black Sun Empire, Neonlight, The Clamps, and many, many more. And it’s Joe on the mix, so there’s no need to worry about the mixing. It’s a dope DJ doing dope shit in the mix. Just press play.