Sinistarr went ballistic in the mix this quarantined Halloween

While I know that Halloween occurred this past weekend, it was hard to get into the spirit. Not even sure if a kid walked down my block on some “Trick or Treat” shit. That’s why we have to dive into different ways of keeping the evil spirit alive. That’s why I’m glad that artists like Sinistarr are still out here.

If you’re not up on Sinistarr, I don’t know what to tell you. He piqued my interest many moons ago because he’s young, gifted, and Black, but he’s also ill enough to drop releases on Metalheadz and Creative Source while also getting DEEP in the juke and footwork scenes, amongst many other sounds that intrigue him. Dude’s a sponge, and can put his mind to projects that eek out mind-blowing results.

That brings us to this Halloween 2020 mix, which might be the hardest mix I’ve ever heard from him. It actually feels like a time capsule of the harder-edged drum & bass that was roaming around the time Sinistarr started creeping into my own playlists. A pair of cuts from Cartridge—who even remembers Cartridge—set this part off right, but it’s the Limewax and Tech Itch and SPKTRM and Danny C and that Evol Intent REMIX VIP of “Corrupt Cops” for me. That maniacal energy doesn’t have to stay around for spooky szn; this is a mix for whenever you need that aggressive energy.

Start this extremely important week off right. Stream Sinistarr’s Halloween 2020 Mix below, which you can also find a link for a free download of this mix HERE. The tracklist is also down bottom. You’re bloody welcome!