Don’t have a lot to say here. For those who have been following the true best DJs in the drum & bass scene, you should know what a two-hour “Digging Deep” session from A.M.C for D&BTV: Locked In is going to be. It’s been about six months since A.M.C has taken one of these journeys, so consider this a two-hour holiday from life into the far reaches of drum & bass.

Drum & Bass Arena still got it like that?

Drum & Bass Arena is an institution in the dnb scene. Whether it’s the impressive streak of annual compilations or their move to video or their merch or, hell, just having time in, Drum & Bass Arena is always right there. Always wonder if I’d have done anything there if I was in the UK. Either way, when someone like A.M.C—who was creeping up in the game as I was on my way out of Dogs On Acid—says he’s going to be digging deep? You set your reminder.

What’s D&BTV: Locked In?

D&BTV is a long-standing video series from Drum & Bass Arena bringing you the biggest and best DJs within the drum & bass scene on a regular basis. Some legendary sets have hit the video series, and they upped the ante during the COVID-19 pandemic with their Locked In series, which kicked off with A.M.C on April 1, 2020. It’s been a great way to keep up with the scene during the quarantine.

What does an A.M.C “Locked In” / Digging Deep set look like?

Recently on Instagram, Drum & Bass Arena dropped some highlights of past A.M.C sessions, and how he explores his own musical story through each tune he drops during one of these sets. It’s a beautiful way of looking at this thing of ours and its history, but because A.M.C is top tier when it comes to his skills as a DJ, you’re getting a lot of new and dope interpretations of tunes you’ve rinsed for decades.

It’s going to be a dope set to see. Watch up above or directly on YouTube.

UPDATE Here’s the audio of A.M.C’s set.