Not to get too weird, but all I’ve been listening to for the last week was Skream and Crazy D rinsing out Royal Albert Hall for Fabric London’s London Unlocked series. Keeping the vibes alive during our socially distant times has been tough, but these mixes, especially Fabio & Grooverider‘s recent set during the London Unlocked at Wavey Garms livestream this past Sunday, have helped. And you already know what time it is when these two touch down; we were just talking about that, weren’t we? Either way, the full video of these two going back-to-back has hit Fabric London’s YouTube page, and it’s all you need to hear today.

Masters at work

Over the last few years, there have been some exquisite homages to drum & bass in its totality—A.M.C just dug deep, and Andy C recently dropped a seriously Essential Mix that reexamines the world of drum & bass, but I won’t go off on a rant. It’s always dope when you have heads who were there giving you these guided tours through the scene, at times experimenting with mixes or sounds in ways they’d never done over the years. If you were there, you’ll know. If you weren’t, get educated by the masters.

What’s in the set?

It’s about what you’d expect from Fabio & Grooverider, with a nod to older tunes and styles thrown in the mix. It doesn’t get as rowdy as their Rinse FM mix from a few months back, which is appreciated. Fabio and Grooverider gifted London Unlocked a quick peek into one of the dopest living testaments to the power of drum & bass. Press play and experience!