Phil Tangent’s long-awaited return features a supreme slice of soul in the form of “Wonder”.

Sitting at my desktop on a random Friday night, going through that week’s tunes, and I come across Phil Tangent’s latest release for Integral, the scorching four-track Temporary Solace EP. While I’m not always in my liquid bag, I threw this one on. Actually, I have a funny story about a Bailey mix that I’ll tell a little bit later.

Anyways, I was skimming through this release, and press play on “Wonder”. I’m not one to point the finger at anything anyone is doing, but I will say that, as a kid who has know music production prowess but always wanted to be a producer, I always told myself I’d flip this particular song into a drum & bass tune. It’s so lush, so beautiful, there’s not much that needs to be done but throw some crispy drums and a warm sub underneath. Phil Tangent works wonders (pun fully intended) on this track. It’s not necessarily how I would freak it, but it’s a refreshing bit.

If you’re looking to add to a summertime drum & bass play list, check out this entire EP, but at the very least, turn this warm throwback vibe-inducing number up, light something/pour something, and release the world for four minutes and 57 seconds. Out now on Integral.

(and at some point, we’re going to address the “temporary solace” we’re on right now. we have things, trust we.)