Image via Informal Recordings

Lumia’s “Pressure Dub” is my kind of rowdy! There isn’t much you need to know about Lumia, who’s latest EP, Incoming (via Informal) exclusively landed on Beatport at the end of May (it hits Juno Download on June 13, 2021). His name’s Dan and he makes “music your nan complains about.” I was thinking about my own grandmother (RIP) the other day, and I imagine if a tune like “Pressure Dub” hit my shitty component system circa 1994, she would’ve had a FIT! (She also hated “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, but that’s another story entirely).

I actually picked up on Lumia at the same time I got put on to Nick the Lot:Informal VA 2, which featured this Lumia cut “Emergency Evac” that melted my entire face off (still does, tbh). I’d been keeping up with him, and (briefly) mentioned his tune “Dub Marine” back in March, but there’s something about Lumia, who is a purveyor of the squelchier side of drum & bass, dropping an EP entitled Incoming. Hell, when I’m on a walk or a bike ride and have my dnb playlist on shuffle, my internal dialogue is teasing drops with things like, “incoming!” It just makes sense, and with “Pressure Dub,” Lumia’s work exudes that. It’s like if Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 somehow got his hands on some insane pulse cannon, or the BFG 9000 from Doom, and started going ham on the hounds of hell.

Wait, what?

I’m saying Lumia’s bass flows in waves, going through a number of changes and formations while decimating anything in its path. Everything else is ancillary; the drumwork is a steady, consistent rhythm, and a voice randomly says “pressure dub,” like the call of a mighty warrior before he slays the savage beast. It means everything and nothing, because for that four minutes and three seconds, we are all enslaved to that bass.

Please shut up.

My fault, I figured you’d want to know what the tune sounds like. Again, you can snag Lumia’s “Pressure Dub” right now over on Beatport, or wait until June 13 to grab it on Juno Download. The clips don’t do many of these tunes on Incoming justice (the title track is even more trippy), you can listen to snippets of the full Incoming EP below.