tomorrow marks one year since i started throwing words on this part of the internet. i wish the headline on this post was true; at that point, if we’re being honest, i was going through a few things, especially at work. i had a few extra curriculars that made sense with my skill set, but got cast to the side due to my main priorities. that’s on me.

anyways, i figured having a spot like HRDNZ would help me get the thoughts about drum & bass that occupy my brain while i’m doing busywork and editing and traveling. it’s turned into one of those things that i wish i could spend more time on. i do plan to. it’s just that life gets in the way.

case in point: about a month ago, i told myself i’d be doing seven posts in June. i did one of them. the main problem is June is notoriously busy AF, but coupling that with no real downtime due to other things turning up (and life shifting)…i will stop. i’m tired of complaining.

that’s kind of where i am right now. i will feel free to just chuck some thoughts on here with an embed of a tune i’m really digging at the moment. [am i the only one mesmerized by the drums in this? or have been soothed by the bass tone on this? oh, iight.] i have an intro of an interview done. i have to have some convos. i also need to edit some other convos i’ve had. who has the time? none of us do, so let’s make the time.

this is me saying i will try. don’t hold me to a schedule, but i will be back…soon.